Surfers Helping Schools in Mexico.

Since December 2013, I have been taking videos of surfers, posting daily Google Albums, and collecting donations to help local schools

Debbie S Day

I started taking videos of just my husband, then gradually starting doing videos of all surfers, I would show the videos on a player that would loop each days videos at Lourdes Bar & Grill. Soon surfers wanted to pay for the videos, which I did not want to accept. But, my husband, Jon suggested I talk to Lourdes on our short 2.5 month vacation, Dec 2013-Jan 2014, to see if there was a local need. Lourdes arranged for purchase of 12 wooden chairs for the kinder in La Salada. That was the beginning of using donations received for videos to help local schools. We bought land in 2015, and built our home in 2016, and basically have lived here full-time since Nov 2015. Many more days of videos, and generous donations from surfers, have helped enable larger projects.