Dec 2013/Jan 2014-First request for donations for the videos I take, worked with Lourdes and she helped get 12 chairs made for the kinder in Saladita. We were only here for 2.5 months that trip.

2017/2018– concrete, forms, rebar for the pillars to hold a new shade roof for the concrete play area outside of classrooms.

2019– $60,000 Mexican pesos (approx. $3200 USD) were used to get material for a shade roof installed over the play area of school. Largest project to date.

Mar 12, 2022- Amazon Mexico $3499 pesos for new monitor for existing computer at Kinder
March 15, 2022- $3747 pesos, Amazon Mexico for 3 sets of 4 chairs, also $715 pesos, 1 “Lifetime” table from Sam’s Club.
Image 1 of 4 of Children's Easel Pintarron White Blackboard For Boy Girl
Aug 23, 2022- $727.84 pesos for (3) Easels from Mercado Libre

Aug 24, 2022- $3495 Pesos for 5 Lifetime, adjustable height tables from Sam’s Club for the 9 students at La Salada Kinder. $136.14 AT Modatela for fomi pieces. $2241 Mega Soriana for misc schools supplies, most expensive =Crayons!


concrete, and wire fencing to keep the local animals out of the school grounds, 25 plastic chairs, 4 large foldable tables for events.

May 2019–  a new water pump to pump water to tinacos

Aug 2, 2021 $6000 pesos to Abraham, deposit for new front gate for school, total cost will be $7800

Oct 11, 2021– $4850 pesos for Abraham to buy loud speaker to make community and school announcements.

Nov 23, 2021– $1503.29 pesos for cleaning supplies at Disude. Delivered to the school on Friday, Nov 26, 2021.



Nov 2014-Feb 2015– This surf trip was 4 months to Saladita. Worked with Blanca Valencia to help the kinder with plumbing issues. With surfer donations we pumped the septic, trenched and replaced all pipes going to cistern, lowered sinks for kids to wash hands, new electrical in bathroom area, new pump for the cistern to pump water to the toilets. Paid for Charlie to paint cartoon characters on front of 2 classrooms.

Provided on future visits- Swing set seats, printer, 5 kids picnic tables, truckloads of dirt to level areas that flooded.

April 2019 $6000 pesos for a gutter to keep rain from flooding classrooms from runoff between classroom roof and shade area roof..

Oct 22, 2021- $1159 pesos Mercado Libre order for pandemic signs, 1 wall mount digital thermometer, and 2 touchless digital thermometers

Oct 23, 2021- $2311.64 pesos at Disude for back to school pandemic & cleaning supplies

Oct 23, 2021- $250 Ferreteria y Tlapaleria Del Centro for 3 ltr Fumigator to spray disinfectant at school

Oct 23, 2021- $552 pesos at Sam’s Club for 2 plastic chairs for the teachers

Oct 23, 2021- $1440 pesos for Green Apple & White Paint, brushes, rollers for last classroom at kinder

Oct 23, 2021- $589 pesos at Sam’s Club for a floor fan

Oct 23, 2021- $718 pesos at Sam’s Club for ink for printer 664 Black/Yellow/Red/Blue

Mar 9, 2022- $8813 pesos for 7 sets of 4 chairs Amazon Mexico
Kidkraft Kingsbridge Play Center
Mar 18, 2022– $34,999 ordered swing set from Costco Mexico. This was mostly covered by a large donation from the wedding guests of Christian Stutzman & Morgan Sliff. A HUGE thank you to all their guests that donated
KSR Premium 15 Inch Speaker Rechargeable Battery 15000 W PMPO
May, 31, 2022- $2658 pesos at Sam’s Club for a new speaker

Aug 20 2022- $1200 pesos to Judith for Los Llanos carpenter to make corner bookshelf that will later be painted like a tree trunk

Aug 20, 2022- $3000 peso deposit to Charly for half of cost to paint tree, and characters on sidewalk and covered area outside classrooms.

Aug 22, 2022– $3000 pesos to Judith to shop for supplies in Zihuatanejo

Epson 2 Pack Bottle Ink T664 L310 L380 L395 L396 L575 Color Black 140mL
Aug 23, 2022- $430 pesos Amazon Mexico, black ink for Kinder Printer
Metallic File Cabinet 4 Drawers Letter Black Hirsh
Aug 25, 2022- $7698 pesos to Mercado Libre for 2 four drawer file cabinetsfor teachers



(4) 4×8 whiteboards for classrooms, white board pens, basketball hoops, paint for map of Guerrero on basketball court, books, projector. Printer, fan

August 2019 Cleaning supplies, 6 brooms, 6 mops, 6 buckets, etc, plus some books and 6 soccer balls

Oct 2019 $2200 pesos of 6 different primary color paints, brushes, tape,  to paint games on the concrete.

Mar 2020-July 2020–  Paid $18,400 pesos to have school wired for 220 Electricity to support new air conditioners

Paid to install (3) air conditioners paid for by surfer donations, and (1) air conditioner donated by the Mango processing plant

Oct 2020purchased (4) @ $254.00:HP Elite Desktop PC Computer Intel Core i5 3.1-GHz, 8 gb Ram, 1 TB Hard Drive, DVDRW, 19 Inch LCD Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Wireless WiFi, Windows 10 (Renewed)

These are to support on line learning during the Covid-19 pandemic

Dec -2020   Jon and Debbie donated used laptop computer for one of the teachers to use

Jan 27, 2021– $2000 pesos for CFE to reconnect power after adding 220 power for Air Conditioning units

Feb 3, 2021–  $7100 pesos for 60% deposit on poly carbonate windows for 2 classrooms

Feb 13, 2021– $6000 pesos to finish pay for poly windows being installed Sunday Feb 14, 2021

Feb 20, 2021 $13000 pesos to cover poly carbonate windows for 2 more classrooms.

Apr 30, 2021 $7000 pesos for deposit on last 2 classrooms poly carbonate windows.

May 4, 2021– 2 floor fans for the small classroom- Sam’s Club (1 @ $1431.17 pesos & 1 at $541.16) $1972.33 pesos

May 6, 2021– Newest Lenovo 14inch Laptop, Intel Pentium Gold 6405U Dual Core 2.4GHz Processor, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD, Intel UHD Graphics, WiFi, Bluetooth, HDMI, Windows 10 (Renewed) (Black)for supervisor of teachers (Miguel Angel)  ($299 + $12.44 shipping + $61.27 Import fees) $372.71

May 15, 2021–$7600 pesos final payment for last 2 classrooms polycarbonate windows to be installed Sunday, May 16, 2021

July 17, 2021–$3300 pesos for new locks on 6 classroom doors.

Aug 3, 2021–1 renewed Chromebook to see if this will work for students. ($89.99+ $9.42 shipping + $18.32 Import = Total $117.73)

Aug 25, 2021–$2600 pesos for a new 1 HP pump for Primary bathrooms (pump water cistern to tinaco on roof)

Oct 11, 2021- $2015 pesos Mercado Libre order for pandemic signs, 3 wall mount digital thermometer, and 2 touchless digital thermometers

Oct 12, 2021- $4173 peso at Disude for back to school mandated pandemic supplies (took Miguel Angel to Zihuatanejo to buy supplies)

Oct 12, 2021- $218 pesos at Sam’s Club for Lysol spray

Oct 12, 2021- $350 pesos to Miguel Angel to purchase a fumigator pump to spray disinfectant

Oct 2021- $2000 pesos for Nacho to do electrical and plumbing to install water pump and fix bathroom sink faucet.

Nov 13, 2021- $5000 pesos Los Llanos Ferreteria for 2 rolls 2 meter high chain link fencing for fathers to install at school. On Nov 27th the fathers installed the fencing.

Nov 18, 2021- $1151 pesos reimbursed Miguel Angel for Los Llanos Ferreteria purchase of supplies for new meter box + $400 to pay Nacho.

Nov 25, 2021- $3540 pesos Xoom to Pablo for a used computer + $1500 more transferred for a $5000 used/refurbished laptop for Pablo to use for school projects

Dec 3, 2021- $7000 pesos for laptop for School Superintendent, Azalia. Miguel Angel Picked up funds (Deb Xoom’d to Elektra) and purchased the laptop.

Dec 17, 2021- $1100 pesos-Pay to have concrete removed that was in school yard after parents took down a concrete wall that was leaning. Replaced fence with wire fencing, that was purchased in November.

Feb 9, 2022- $5026 pesos at Lopez Impresores, for (2) 4′ x 8′ Whiteboards. Miguel will use his truck to pick them up on his next trip to Zihuatanejo

Feb 9, 2022-$1040 pesos at Soriana, 2 basketballs, (1) air hand pump, whiteboard markers (4) packages.

Feb 9, 2022- $587 pesos at Sam’s Club, (2) 664 Ink for L120 Epson Printer, & Fluorescent Poster board package.

Aug 25, 2022- $3100 Pesos to Miguel Angel to pruchase school supplies


Apr 24, 2021– New laptop for Minerva superintendent of Secondary school… 2020 Lenovo IdeaPad Laptop ComputerAMD A6-9220e 1.6GHz 4GB Memory 64GB eMMC Flash Memory 14 “AMD Radeon R4 AC WiFi Microsoft Office 365 Platinum Gray ($6192 + $141.23 shipping +$1203.54 import) $7536.54  (@19.5pesos to 1 USD approx $386.50)

Jul 8, 2021–  $11,500 pesos deposit for 1 classroom glass windows.
Aug 4, 2021– $11,450 pesos final payment and windows installed in one classroom.

Oct 20, 2021– $2400 pesos to Thelma for Disude pandemic supplies required to open schools (final receipt Oct 21 was $2108.10 Disude + $300 gasoline, so I didn’t have to drive to Zihuatanejo)

Oct 20, 2021- $1159 pesos Mercado Libre order for pandemic signs, 1 wall mount digital thermometer, and 2 touchless digital thermometers

Nov 10, 2022- $5830.00 pesos Sam’s Club for new Epson L3250 Printer (given teacher Algae Costilla)


May 2019-(2) fans for classroom

October 2019– HP Printer and ink refills

Dec 2020– Laptop computer (new) for teacher to help with on line learning lessons


Nov 2019-approx $2200 in Comex paint, sand paper, primer, brushes to repaint the school ground equipment.

KINDER in Las Tinajas

Contact: 3

Oct 18, 2021– $3128 pesos for miscellaneous plumbing supplies

Oct 18, 2021- $1189 pesos Mercado Libre order for pandemic signs, 1 wall mount digital thermometer, and 2 touchless digital thermometers

Oct 19, 2021- $5676 pesos for Materials Sotelo (4) Laminas, nails, etc

Oct 19, 2021– $3716.44 pesos Desude for facemasks, disenfectant, alchohol, cleaning supplies

Oct 23, 2021- $4000 deposit on 5 tables ($1000 each) and 4 chairs Las Tinajas, plus 4 chairs Los Llanos ($350 each)

Nov 4, 2021- $718 pesos at Sam’s Club for ink for printer 664 Black/Yellow/Red/Blue

Nov 4, 2021- $4800 pesos given to Pablo for Carpenter for final payment on (now 6 tables) and (8 chairs) Pablo send receipt for deposit to Carpenters account

Nov 5 & Nov 11, 2021– $1073 pesos transfer to Coppel for school supplies, & $427 cash to make up for $1500 total spent on misc back to school stationary supplies.

Feb 25, 2022- $2699 pesos at Sam’s Club for a new speaker

Feb 25, 2022- $1000 pesos for school supplies to decorate Kinder for Spring decorating.

June 28, 2022- $1800 pesos for graduation supplies

Premaria in Las Tinajas


Nov 23, 2021– Mely and I picked up teacher, Neidy Torres at restaurant Jacqueline’s in Lagunillas, so we could drive to Zihuatanejo, and buy supplies. First stop, Ipesa Pintura $3395 for paint, brushes, thinner

Nov 23, 2021- $3570 at Ferreteria Centro for 3 rolls of 1″ tubing to bring water to the school.

Feb 9, 2022- $2500 pesos given to Neidy to purchase supplies for a roof of some type. Photos to come.

School in El Rincon

Oct 21 2021 $2513 pesos for a new blackboard + $187 for gasoline for teacher to buy blackboard in Lazaro Cardenas (Request was made by Alvaro, teacher at El Rincon, but lives in Los Llanos)

Lagunillas Kinder School


Dec 8, 2021- $6085 pesos for 1 child toilet and 3 adult toilets for the school, met Ana in Zihuatanejo, and purchased at Ferriteria y Materiales Moba

Dec 8, 2021– $______ pesos Sam’s Club for 3 fans for classrooms

Feb 22, 2022– $3500 pesos for labor and parts to install toilets.

MELEWI Kit 4 sillas Infantiles Resistentes de plástico Premium para niños  (Paquete de 4) Multicolores : Hogar y Cocina
Aug 22, 2022- $11,691 pesos to Amazon Mexico for 9 sets of 4= 36 chairs for 35 students.


5 gallons of white paint to paint exterior-

May 24, 2021– 2 floor fans for the clinic ($1898 pesos-Sam’s Club)


5 gallons of white paint to paint exterior- Working with Omar

Los Llanos Soccer Team

June 8, 2021-$6000 pesos for Soccer uniforms Help requested by Rodrigo.

Jan 23, 2022- $3000 pesos to “help” with purchase soccer uniforms for local girls soccer team. Contact:

El Roble

Aug 14,2021-$3939 pesos for a Sam’s Club Ghia laptop computer for Sergio, who has to do on line classes.